Vertical blinds


Vertical blinds

Sliding glass doors, patio doors, and oversized windows are great sources of natural light but it can be difficult to find window treatments for them. The professionals at Richmond Decorating are here to show you why vertical blinds are a game changer for those tricky-to-cover expanses of glass.

Advantages of vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a fantastic alternative to curtains. While curtains offer an all-or-nothing solution when it comes to privacy and light control, the vanes of these blinds can be tilted up to 180 degrees to provide you with your ideal amount of privacy and sunlight. This also means you have greater flexibility when it comes to protecting your home’s interior from damaging UV rays.

Fuctional home décor in Richmond, Virginia is all about subtle style and easy operation. You can cover larger areas with vertical blinds without having to worry about the weight of your window treatments. Since these blinds open horizontally, they can be much heavier than their vertical counterparts and still be a breeze to open and close. You can open your blinds partially to allow for easy passage from inside to the outdoors without giving any nosy neighbors a view into your home.

Did we mention the simplicity of maintenance offered by vertical blinds? You can wipe the vanes with a damp cloth or use a vacuum hose attachment on low suction to remove dust and other debris. Remember to also remove dust from the headrail to avoid issues with opening and closing. If a vane becomes damaged, you can replace that individual vane rather than the entire set, as is the case with other window coverings.

Vertical blinds for sliding doors and windows are an extremely versatile choice. The myriad of color and material options available means you’ll never have trouble finding ones that suit your taste and existing decor. Vanes that are too narrow or too wide can look awkward and out of place if they do not complement the size of the window. The vanes of vertical blinds from Hunter Douglas come widths that are practical for any size application.

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Types of Hunter Douglas Vertical Blinds


Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds

When you want the elegant folds of drapery but the flexibility and convenience of vertical blinds, what do you do? You check out Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds. The curved fabric vanes provide exceptional sound absorption that improves the acoustics of your room and significantly reduces outdoor noise. Vanes made of soft, premium fabric also mean your blinds won’t make a sound when being opened or closed. You’re going to love the smooth, worry-free operation of the patented headrail.


Somner® Custom Vertical Blinds

Some customers get decision fatigue from too many options while numerous choices are a requirement for others. If you’re the latter, Somner® Custom Vertical Blinds will not disappoint. Those seeking floor and decor in Richmond will be blown away by the number of fabric and finish choices available. Choose from vanes made of fabric, aluminum or vinyl and finishes including geometric patterns and smooth, eye-catching metals. These vertical blinds for windows are treated with a specialized texturizing process, Softex®, that helps to reduce noise levels. The amount of sound absorption will depend on the fabric you choose, so talk to one of our team members if this is a priority for you.

Vertical Solutions® Vertical Blinds

The path of least resistance can often be the easiest one when it comes to choosing your vertical blinds for windows. If this sounds like your preferred way of shopping, Vertical Solutions® Vertical Blinds are an ideal option. The collection includes essential fabric and vinyl options that make decorating with a minimalist aesthetic incredibly easy. While these blinds are available in several colors and patterns, they all allow your furniture and accessories to remain in the spotlight while they blend beautifully into the background.

Skyline® Gliding Window Panels

Panel track blinds are especially well suited to large expanses of glass. Skyline® Gliding Window Panels are available in the widest selection of textures, opacities, and openness factors on the market and come in more than 600 color choices. From smooth floral prints to chunky weaves, your blinds will be statement art when closed. When open, these blinds stack tightly to provide a gorgeous backdrop that is perfect for outstanding views. Optional fabric top treatments tie your room together to form a cohesive look among your furnishings and other fabrics.