Side panels and custom drapery


Side panels and custom drapery

There is no window treatment more classic than side panels and custom drapery. Since there have been homes and windows, there have been custom drapes to cover them. Of course, we’ve moved a long way from the shades, shutters, and drapes of the past. Modern custom draperies are stunning fabric window treatments that add elegance and warmth to your interior. At Richmond Decorating, we proudly offer Hunter Douglas side panels and custom drapery. The Hunter Douglas brand is known for its high-quality materials, durable components, and customization options. Let us show you the amazing custom drapery Richmond Decorating has to offer.

Side panels vs. drapery

If you’re unfamiliar with side panels and custom drapery, you might wonder what the difference is. Side panels are stationary sections of pleated fabric designed to elongate and frame the edges of your windows. This makes them perfect for pairing with other Hunter Douglas window treatments like roller shades, honeycomb shades, or horizontal blinds. Adding side panels helps block any light leakage at the edges of the window treatments and adds a layer of insulation.

On the other hand, custom draperies are designed to move along a curtain rod or track. These fabric window treatments open and close and are perfect for expansive windows and sliding glass doors. They can be paired with other window treatments but work just as well on their own. Design Studio™ Custom Drapes are available in several pleats, including two-finger pinch pleat, two-finger European pinch pleat, or Ripplefold™. The different pleats create different draping styles and slightly different looks in your windows. If you want a full fabric look, we suggest Ripplefold™, which is available in a deluxe 2.5x fullness.

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The Design Studio™ difference

We carry Design Studio™ Custom Drapes from Hunter Douglas. Many things set Hunter Douglas products apart, but the fabric collection makes these side panels and custom drapery incredible. Each exquisite fabric is carefully curated to be on-trend, stylish, and versatile. The available collection includes every color of the rainbow, whimsical patterns, textured weaves, and artisanal embroideries. You can also choose from opacities that range from sheer panels to blackout liners. With such a wide selection, you are sure to find the perfect option to match your custom drapes to the rest of your home.

In addition to the curated fabric collection, there are exclusive fabrics created in collaboration with professional designers. Rebecca Atwood, a New York artist, uses watercolor and stamp designs to evoke natural patterns. Seema Krish, who hails from San Francisco, is classical trained in textiles and combines heirloom processes with modern techniques to create her prints. And the final designer, Marcie Bronkar, uses her passion for color to create vintage-inspired patterns that coordinate beautifully with other Hunter Douglas window treatments. These stunning fabrics are also available as Roman shades if you want to mix and match window treatments in your home.

What custom really means

When we say that we offer side panels and custom drapery, you might wonder what custom really means. Well, at Richmond Decorating, it means you get to create the curtain you want. The process begins by selecting a fabric. Our design team can show you the options and even help you choose if you’re unsure what would look best. Once you’ve chosen your fabric, you’ll select the fold and travel style you prefer. From there, our professional team will measure your windows, and our fabricators will construct your custom drapes. We also have a selection of hardware and various operating systems, including PowerView® automation. Once you have selected your hardware, our install team will come to your home to ensure everything fits and functions properly. The custom drapery experience guarantees a fit and style you’ll love, so you never have to worry about making drapery alterations.
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