Important facts about tile

As you search for the perfect remodeling products for your home, you’ll find tile flooring and wall options that offer outstanding benefits. These products bring beauty, durability, and fantastic lifespans wherever installed and can also meet other needs. With an extensive list of features and characteristics, these products may be the option that gives you the best remodel.

Tile flooring and wall tile aren't the same

As you browse this product line, you'll find some differences between wall and floor tiles, which will be vital if you intend to use both. You can use their stunning visual options any way you prefer, but durability options differ, which matters for placement. Wall tile is thinner and less durable than floor tile, so it cannot be used for flooring, especially in spaces with lots of traffic.

On the other hand, tile flooring can be used on your walls or accent floor edging, though it's more expensive than the tile made especially for walls. The price difference will only matter if you use minimal tile on your walls, but splitting the difference can ultimately affect your overall budget for the extensive accent wall, backsplash, or mosaic use.

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How to choose your tile?

Choosing the best tile flooring and wall pieces is done by considering your specific requirements. Then, select products that match your activity levels where the flooring will be installed for the best durability. If your focus is on décor matching, you'll find the appearance options are endless in this product line. Colors, textures, styles, shapes, sizes, and installation layouts are just a few of the ways you can use these materials to your design advantage.

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