Roller & solar shades


Roller & solar shades

Roller and solar shades are perfect if you want a minimalistic window treatment that can create clean lines while still being eye-catching. Roller & solar shades are designed to disappear entirely into a cassette mounted at the top of your window, which means when they are open, it’s almost like having no window treatment at all. At Richmond Decorating, we are proud to stock top-quality Hunter Douglas roller & solar shades. With three different shade types and five different styles, you are sure to find a roller, solar, or banded shade that fits each window in your home.

Overall benefits of roller & solar shades

  • Energy efficiency: A large amount of energy loss in your home happens through the windows. Roller and solar shades add a layer of insulation that keeps the cool air in during the summer and the warm air in during the winter. They also keep the heat of the sun from reaching the interior of your home. Hunter Douglas even has cellular roller shades with air trapping pockets that add an extra insulating layer and even more energy efficiency.
  • Child & pet safety: Roller & solar shades are great for homes with pets and small children. There are a variety of cordless operation options that eliminate any string that might catch or tangle. You can even choose PowerView® automation for the ultimate convenience of controlling your roller & solar shades from anywhere in the world.

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Roller shade benefits

  • Customization options: Roller shades are the way to go if you want diverse fabric options. This fabric selection includes solid colors from white to black to bright red, blue, and green. You can also choose from a selection of patterns and designs that turn your windows into works of art.
  • Light control: The fabric selection for roller shades is also available in several different opacities. You can choose a sheer fabric to create a diffused glow in your room or material that is 100% opaque to create blackout shades. You can also combine two roller shades using the DuoLite® feature to give even more lighting and privacy options.

Solar shade benefits

  • Keep the view: Solar shades are an excellent option for solariums, sunrooms, and any other room with a nice view. That is because the fabric of our solar shades is designed to let you continue to enjoy the view outside your window while protecting your interior.
  • UV protection: Like a pair of sunglasses for your windows, solar shades protect the interior of your home from harmful UV rays. The sun’s rays can cause damage to your furniture, walls, decor, and floors. The Hunter Douglas solar shade fabric collection eliminates 80%-99% of harmful UV rays.

Banded or Zebra Shade Benefits

  • Unique look: Banded shades, which are sometimes called zebra shades because of their striped construction, use alternating stripes of opaque and sheer fabric to create a blind-like look in your windows. Hunter Douglas also carries two different patterned banded shades that make a unique play of light and shadow across any room where they are installed.
  • Superior light & privacy control: The unique design of zebra shades allows you to finely tune your home’s amount of light and privacy. You can alternate and overlap the opaque fabric bands by raising and lowering the banded shade, allowing exactly the right amount of light into your home. This also helps you control privacy levels as the shades can be “closed” at any height.

Roller, Solar & Banded Shade Styles

Hunter Douglas has five different styles of shades to choose from. Our expert team would love to help you find the perfect one for your budget and style.

  • Designer Roller Shades
  • Designer Solar Shades
  • Designer Banded Shades
  • Design Studio™ Roller Shades
  • Sonnette® Cellular Roller Shades
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